Customize Your Email Experience downloading Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC/Laptop/MAC

Mozilla Thunderbird is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Thunderbird being an excellent email client from the makers of Firefox is generally considered an alternative to Microsoft's Outlook.

Thunderbird is Mozilla's award winning free solution to manage your mail more efficiently & effectively. There are many advantages of switching to Thunderbird. Unlike Mail, it can handle virtual identities and create on-the-fly addresses having one of the best spam filters out there.

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Why Thunderbird is Unique? Below are the Features of Mozilla Thunderbird Browser

  1. Mail Account Setup Wizard: that lets you set up your email account in Firefox database and find the email settings for you.
  2. Personalized Email Addresses: With Thunderbird you can sign up for a new personalized email address, and it will all be set up automatically for you ready to send and receive.
  3. One-click Address Book: that lets you add people to your address book. Add people by simply clicking on the star icon in the message you receive. Two clicks and you can add more details like a photo, birthday, and other contact information.
  4. Multiple-channel chat: that allows you to enjoy real-time conversation with your contacts, right from your favorite messaging application, with multiple supported networks.
  5. Tabbed Email: It lets you load emails in separate tabs so you can quickly jump between them. Tabbed email lets you keep multiple emails open for easy reference.
  6. Search the Web: without having to leave Thunderbird. Type whatever comes to mind in Thunderbird’s search box and choose from several different search providers.
  7. Quick Filter Toolbar: that lets you filter your email faster. Start typing in words in the Quick Filter search box and the results are displayed instantly. Or you can filter your email by New Messages, Tags, and people in your Address Book. You can also "Pin" or save a Filter and use it across multiple folders.
  8. Message Archive: Archiving helps you manage your inbox and put your email into the archive folder system.
  9. Activity Manager: that helps record all the interactions between Thunderbird and your email provider in one place.
  10. Speed Up with Transfer of Large Documents: You can now speed up the transfer of large documents by uploading them to an online storage provider and sharing the link instead of sending the file directly as a message attachment.
  11. Smart Folders: that helps you manage multiple email accounts by combining special folders like your Inbox, Sent, or Archive folder. Instead of going to the Inbox for each of your mail accounts, you can see all of your incoming email in one Inbox folder.

Get All Round Protection of Your Emails with Thunderbird

Secure and Protect Your Email: Thunderbird offers support for user privacy and remote image protection. To ensure a user’s privacy, Thunderbird automatically blocks remote images in email messages.

Phishing Protection: Thunderbird protects you from email scams. Thunderbird warns you when you click on a link which appears to be taking you to a different Web site than the one indicated by the URL in the message.

Automated Update

Thunderbird’s update system checks to see if you’re running the latest version, and notifies you when a security update is available. These security updates are small (usually 200KB - 700KB), giving you only what you need and making the security update quick to download and install.

Looking for Thunderbird Browser Technical Support?

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Mozilla Thunderbird Helpline Number are 1-800-358-0071 (US), +44-800-046-5700(UK), +61-1800-769-903 (AU)
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